Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thoughts and ideas leading up to Adepticon

So we lucked in and all got tickets to the events at Adepticon. Now hopefully we can get our team together and on the right page. Our team wants to use a space marine/wolf combo. But to tell the truth I think we would be stronger using a single codex. Which codex? I really don’t care both have some really nice features. Most of the team is geared towards Ultra marines so that might be the better choice.

In other news: I have been working hard towards completing my ork army (pics soon). Right now I estimate around 80% table top worthy, however I am a stickler and would love to get my orks to that next level. To do so I need to kick it into the next gear! I have started working on my ardboy squad which is a hell ton harder because of the armor and they are all glued together.  I did have to rip of heads and arms but I know that I’m on the right track! Updates to come.

Also I still have 4 vehicles sitting on the painting table waiting for completion. Each one is into its own stage of painting, the battle wagons are both fighting for which one will finish getting painted first. Da Meat Wagon has its under sides done with all the grease and rust and Da Grind-House has all its conversions finished along with all the metal work done. “It’s a race! I hope I win!”

With only a group of ardboys, 3 mega nobs and a hand full of vehicles left to paint I think I can start to start on my painting entries for Adepticon. My first will be my Boltstakka on his Warbike for the single mini category. Also I would like to enter in a Blood Angel/tyranid fight for the open category. And lastly my Ork Mega Deff for the War Machine category… Let’s see how that works out!! I am the very best at procrastinating!


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