Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Da new Deal!

Ok so last week Ardwire woke up to hear the Freebootas was in town. He made is way down through camp to find the scum. Ardwire never had much of a liking for an ork that cant call one tribe his own. When Da Boss found the pirate orks drinkin up all his squig juice I cant say he was too happy. Ardwire was seconds away from feeding these orks to his pet squigs when he spotted Big Karwl. He and Big Karwl had worked together in the past. It was Karwl that had looted all his wagons after the siege on the Ultra Marine stronghold to the west. Even if Karwl was himself a pirate Ardwire over looked the fact because no ork made machines like the Big Mec.

                “Whats a Karwl doin here?” Ardwire asked.

                “I hears you needa more wagons… Big Wagons! And I just wants to let da Boss kno dat I has loctions on a junkin yard dat has a buncha big machines. Da umies is gots da place on lock down. But if Da Boss wants to Kills on all dem Umies I thinks I can make you a happy Orks.” Big Karwl had his way with the words, that was for sure.

                “I been hearin bout killin kans… big uns! I wants one! I got dis runt ova here dat makes fo a good driva! He was drivin my Wagon when dat big bug gots him… him got no legs no mo.” Ardwire pointed at a mangled corpse in a cart.

                Karwl looked over the runt, his plan was falling into place. “Look here Boss,” an evil little grin forming on the big mec’s grubby face, “I makes you a biggest walkin Kan but yous gots to help me gets in dat junkin yard. I hears de Umies gots a nasty surprise for your boys. I wants to get dat nasty surprise for me! we work togever and splits all da loot: 60/60!”