Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cygar 'Ardwire

The story of Cygar is a complicated detailed history. I won’t get into his youth as an ork whelp because it was the same as most young orks. Soon Cygar would grow into a commanding ork Nob. Cygar served as one of his warboss’s personal guard. Warboss Ghrol constantly antagonized Cygar into feats of pure insanity just to see if the young ork would complete the estranged tasks. Once when Ghrol’s war band was assaulting an Imperial stronghold Ghrol’s personal battlewagon was destroyed by an enemy Predator Tank. In his anger Ghrol handed Cygar his big choppa and told him salvage the Imperial tank for his own. Cygar successfully made his way to the tank and even went so far is to remove an escape hatch to gain access to the vital interior of the tank. Inside waited a tech marine equipped with a servo arm. That night two doks and Ghrol’s best mec put Cygar back together.

Cygar was pieced back together with a newly acquired servo arm. The tech marine had pinned Cygar against the immobile tank with his piston driven servo arm and cleaved at the Nob with his power Ax. So much damage was inflicted that the pain boys had to install a new rib structure and skull. How Cygar overpowered the Marine is still a mystery. For years after Cygar ran rampant, Ghrol’s influence and control over the Nob had diminished. Day by day the ork grew crazed; the pain boys said it was the amount of brain matter that had been destroyed in the fight. One day Cygar was bitten while trying to kill the jungles deadliest predator, the grackle snake. The snake’s venom quickly burned holes in the orks nervous system and when Cygar returned to his camp, sick and delusional, Ghrol was the first to mock his failure. Cygar fitted a rage that shook the core of his being and destroyed all that was Warboss Ghrol. Days would pass before he would awaken to find that he had undergone surgeries to repair the damages to his body and mind. Cygar also awoke to the chanting of his name. He would become the new Warboss to lead the Bad Moons. Cygar was moved into motivation by his success and quickly launched an all out assault on the Imperials to the north. The campaign lasted several months but in the end the Imperials were forced to abandon the planet to his Bad Moon Tribe. Up until this point Cygar never thought of leaving the planet but if it meant victory and bloodshed it had to be a good idea? Right? Mecs worked tirelessly to create a vessel that could break the planet and hound the imperials.

The reason that I started this is to be a back history for my Warboss. I, like other ork players out there, loved the new warboss model that came out in the new AoBR box. It was bigger than other ork warboss models which is good because other Warbosses are the size of regular nobs. The problem is that everyone has one and I think the model is over played. Sure there are tons of conversions but it just does not meet the unique factor that I’m looking for in a model. So as a solution I decided to sculpt my own… risky? Yes! Adepticon is right around the corner and I need this model, plus all the others in my army, to be ready in less than one month. Wish me luck! I will be posting picks as soon as I can. Last night I modeled the chest and belly of Cygar and then this morning I started working on his real arm. As I get into the story more you will see the full transformation that took Cygar and made him into ‘Ardwire! Now a days his more machine than ork with the poisoned brains of a squig! Wish me luck.


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