Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zcarzghoul the Prodigy

So a few days back Warboss 'ArdWire came across a ork whelp that had an extreamly powerful psyker power. Behold Zcarzghoul the Prodigy.... Check out the new addition to the Bad Moon orks. This was excactly what a good hobby list needed. I've played two games with him and have yet to exploid any heads!!! More to come.

I'm Back?

So I've been hiding. I recently moved and have not been working much. Things are changing. I got some pics of orks I've been working on. First up will be some of the looted wagons I've been working with. The one in the middle is pretty much finished up. The others are still WIP.
Enjoy. The goal was to make 3 looted wagons that all looked differently and still had that great ork feel. these are a couple of the Orka Porka. I wanted to showcase the rust and weathering that I did.Hope you enjoy. If you have any questions send me a hit.