Sunday, June 28, 2009

Orks, orks, orks...

heres a few pics of some of my other orks.
As you see the nob to the left is a Assault of Black Reach ork. I kept the checkers, on the shoulders and jaw. Also i kept that blood flowing. I really really love the look of that blood. In person its actually better.

And then we got this power klaw nob, he's got some bionic upgrades on his arm, and this one is from the new nob box. This is so far the only Nob I didn't blood up. I really loved working with those new nobs, they really have great attitude.

I hope you like them and theres still more to come. After these I hope to work on some Nob Bikers and a Arb Boy squad in a trukk. Hopfully in the future I will be picking up one of those beautyfully Forgeworld Warboss on Warbike.

Friday, June 26, 2009

2000point ork list

My list is pieced together with some stronger points lead by Nobs.
At first I wanted to include Mad Dok Grotsnik but i had to make a choice and chose the extra warboss option that would allow me to take my second nob squad as troops. I really wanted to flood this list with vehicles and troops. I think I did a pretty good job.
warboss, power klaw, warbike, attack squig (140)
warboss, power klaw, 'eavy armor, attack squig, cycbork body (115)
nob squad (5) warbikes, 4 power klaws, pain boy, orderly, bosspole, waaagh banner (380)
nob squad (10) 4power klaws, 5 big choopas, 5 'eavy armor, bosspole, waaagh banner, pain boy, orderly, Transport: battlewagon, deff rolla, extra armor (525)
'ard boy squad (12) nob, power klaw, bosspole, Transport: trukk (195)
boy squad (10) nob, power klaw, bosspole, Transport: trukk (135)
boy squad (10) nob, power klaw, bosspole, Transport: trukk (135)
looted wagon, boomgun, ard case, 2 big shootas (125)
looted wagon, boomgun, ard case, 2 big shootas (125)
looted wagon, boomgun, ard case, 2 big shootas (125)

Well thats my 2000 points,
2000 points
14 kill points
5 scoreing units
7 vehicles
49 troops
And then some more pics of nobs.
With this guy I put some flames on the shoulder and again i put the checker pattern on there. Also you can see the blood I added to the fist and wrist wrappings. I am really proud of the highlighting done on these guys. I'm going to make sure and add that detailing to my other orks as I go.
I really love the yellow I get to work with, mixed with the green flesh tones it really pops I think. Oh and this guy has a slack jaw!

This guy I did this triangle thing on the shoulder pad, and this guy got some cool work on his cybork arm.
check those checkers!
and that arm the shine is real blood, mine! But really check out the detail on that buzz saw.

I'm back and I bring Orks!!!

ok so I got a problem with posting! I fall behind! Ha.
But from now on I will be posting at least twice a week. Starting now!
so to continue working on my Bad Moon orks I have been working on my nobs.
Here we go.

you will notice that there are a few heads missing. but i put them on at the end. now to get my end result here are some steps i use to get there.
I’m relatively new to painting orks; I started with a single nob and worked out the flesh tones until I found an even color I liked with lots of highlights and so nice shades. He didn’t turn out exactly as planed but it gave me a good idea of the direction I was headed. The armor color was a no brainer since I was working with Bad Moons I will be working with yellows. Now there’s no reason I have to work with those brighter yellows, my orks like getting dirty. So first I loaded up on the colors I thought would be needed: Chaos Black, Skull white, bleached bone, Gore red… you get the idea, I got paint! Now the big colors used in this project would be the greens. I picked up goblin green and snot green for an orky feel. For my yellow I use bubonic brown?!?! It’s yellow to me! But let’s push ahead. Another important detail is my washing, I will use Devlin mud and Thakka green, maybe some others but mostly those two.
Now that we’ve gathered the right colors we can jump right in and paint these bad boys up.
1) First things first, remove all the flash off your new models and glue him to a base, some people don’t but for this orks I did for one major reason, I wanted it to look like they had been tromping though the mud. To achieve that I glue the model down then, with white glue, glue down some small rock and sand. Don’t worry about getting it on those ork boots… we’ve been a tromping!
2) I then prime, every body knows that a good solid coat of prime is the best start to having a durable model! I use black primer since my orks will be mostly dark colors.
3) After that primer is done drying I slop on my base colors. Now orks are not uniform creatures, they don’t wake up in the morning a color coordinate themselves with their fellow looters! My orks all have different clothing colors, I try to keep the pants darker and the shirts lighter but hey sometimes you got the mix it up. I try to stay neat but hey if you spill over a little we can fix that latter. Now to keep with the bad moon theme I paint any armor with my “yellow”. Also any Glyphs I hit up with the yellow. I use a mixture of metallic to paint guns and bullets or earrings, go wild it adds flare!
4) Now to the flesh, I start with an even coat of Goblin green, head to toe. I use bleached bone for teeth, eyes, and finger nails, also any bones they may be carrying, such as skulls or bull skulls.
5) Once I’ve painted every piece of the model I wash the entire thing in Devlin mud. I go thick allowing the mud to flow into the deeper recesses.
6) After the ork is dry I go back to the flesh, I use the snot green to go over all the muscles and raised parts of the model such as eyebrows.
7) Allow that to dry and follow up with a good dry brush of goblin green, I lay this one on pretty thick but not so much to completely cover the snot. Also stay away from the valleys! You only want to highlight the raised up parts and let that nice shade hide down in the crevices.
8) Wash all your flesh in a light coat of Thakka green.
9) Now I mix a 50/50 skull white and goblin green and lightly dry brush over only the upper most details; mainly the veins on the muscles and face.
10) Wash all your flesh in a light coat of Thakka green.
11) I go back and hit up the armor plates with more yellow, avoid details such as bullet holes and scars. Also I like to paint on some checkers or flames since orks are so fond of these markings. For the checkers I use mostly white and black, but I like to go back and wash over the white with Devlin mud to dirty it up a bit.
12) Now all you need to do is a bit of touch up work. Maybe a little highlighting on the weapons.
13) For the base I use a tan, this is the only paint that is not GW. But for the most part its just tan. I water it down and paint the entire base including getting on some of the orks boots or pants. Once it dries I wash it with Devlin mud, and I’m done.
And then the Pics.
Heres the dok. I think he looks great, one of the first of the nobs finished. I got the blood out and gave him a splash. I liked the checkers so I decided to continue them with the other nobs. And dont forget the orderly.
With him i wanted to get the flesh colors a lot brighter. Also i loved getting blood all over this little guy.