Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Road to adepticon!

Ok so... Been away! Lots of things have happened over the last few months and I think I need to get back to my gaming! What have I been up to?In October I was promoted which devours a ton of my time. I went from working 4 days 40 hours to working 5 days with 55+ hours. Better pay, bigger bonus but less time for painting and gaming. Then I had to move, I was in a flood zone so the city paid me to move, that was cool. And well to tell the truth I have actually brought 2 new member to the gaming community. One is a close friend who is more about the models then the gaming and the other… well that’s my brother. Sorry everybody! For you out there who have yet to meet him: he will be the extremely loud guy at Adepticon ranting about how he will choke the shit out of you! Don’t piss him off, he’s a simple creature.

So what’s this mean? Since I was on the move, more funding and with some new blood behind me I figured I would start to organize a Club. With the help of another gaming we formed the Puppets of War. Now that only lasted a few months because the cofounder stopped playing weeks later because of work and travel. So our group wanted a different name, the guys did not like that the guy who named the group dropped. So our quest began we went through 8-10 different names when ours hit us! We are Austin gamers that traveled to San Antonio to steal up on their prize support when somebody got cheating my Brother. The Jackal yelled “Cheat me and I’ll choke the shit out of you!” and we had a new name.

Again you ask what does this mean? Come one month from now Team Cheat me and I choke you will be hitting the streets of Chi town to choke some mother fucking cheaters at Adepticon! See you there!


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