Sunday, July 5, 2009

Biker as promised

Peep him, looking good no? Check him out, only 4 more to go.

what do you think? I really hope that I can get this army ready in time for the Bell of Lost Souls Con. I have little fear that they will. I should finish up two more over the next few days. Then its on to my 'Ard boys sqaud loaded into a Trukk.

look foward to that!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The conclusion

So we return with the last of the nobs. I will dive right in to this one.
This first guy is ready for he has his huge choppa, he's got his bionic eye inplant and shoulder spike.

This next fellow is dieing to help others die. He's got his power klaw and checkered helmet.

I gave him a boss pole for bashin his fellows if they chose to turn tail!

Then we got the gore slinging nob with his Big Choppa. That choppa is my favorite out of the new nob box. He's also the only one with a fully exposed face. It lets you get a good look at his ugly mug!

Heres the nob that will lead the others in to mayhem! He's flying his Waaaaagh! Banner and showing off his bloddy power klaw! We Orks was made for killin!

This buddy boy is a AoBR nob. I think that they are awesome models for the price. Tons of detail. You can see a few examples on the muscles on the arms and the detail of the armor.

Soon, very soon I will be posting pics of my first nob biker. Look forward to it.